Iris Hill is a fun-loving conservation biologist, entertainer, and host of the PBS series, Hidden Hikes. As a New York University trained actress, National Science Foundation scholar, and credentialed teacher, Iris brings experience, passion and knowledge to the field of educational entertainment. 

No stranger to multiple fields, Iris holds a B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Zoology and a M.S. in Conservation Biology from Auburn University and has spent the last 10 years working as an actress and educator in Los Angeles.  Through this unconventional path, Iris has learned that the conservation and preservation of nature and its wild inhabitants begins with a love and respect for nature’s flora and fauna. It is this awareness that drives Iris’ commitment to creating media landscapes that educate and introduce youth to Mother Nature, her creatures and her endless beauty in an engaging way.

When Iris isn’t on-camera or in the classroom, she can be found volunteering as a nature tour docent with the Los Angeles Audubon Society, honing her skills as an animal tracker and wild food forager or exploring the vast beauty of earth.   

Iris’ motto is, “It’s not what you can-not do that matters, it’s what you believe you can-not do.” She encourages all children- big and small, to follow their dreams no matter how “wild” they may seem.

Catch Iris weekly on Hidden Hikes, as she takes viewers through the hidden trails of Southern California and introduces show guests to nature and the great outdoors.